"Dan's calm, non-judgmental presence and questions make it safe and thought-provoking. Doing it together with my wife is also comforting and gives it an intimate vibe that makes it easier to be vulnerable."

- Ethan (age 54)

"This is great, very relaxing and peaceful. It makes me feel comfortable and reflective of my life." 

- Maria (age 19)

"Very comfortable to do this with Dan. His choice of words and calm focus is helpful. It is wonderful to refocus as it brings my mind to a higher place."

- Carol (age 69)

"By the end of the session, I find myself in a contemplative state, completely relaxed, yet focused on where I want to go from that point forward, accomplishing goals, and what I need to let go of to do that. It is breathtaking and wholesomely positive."


- Adam (age 24)

"I feel quieted and therefore, I think, very open and grateful. Just a feeling of being able to be vulnerable. Kind of an openness. I feel calm in the end. Very calm. It is almost like a meditative thing but it is like Dan is guiding me to be aware of that. I feel like that integrates me. It is a very healing experience."

- Diane (age 67)

"Just being a part of this it's like, everything is going to be okay. Just having this calmness throughout. Have you ever gotten a massage before? When you leave, it's like, you feel euphoric. That's the feeling that I have through this. It is very impactful and meaningful because I am able to connect with myself in ways that I don't. Within the first session, I gained more insight into what I needed to work on to better myself. I feel more at peace and productive."

- Karina (age 24)

"I'd say in the end I feel hopeful. I feel as if I have a restored sense of trust in the process of my own life. Yeah, a renewed sense of trust. I am remembering. I am imagining. I am visioning the future. I am thinking of the things that I want in my life. I feel encouraged. This is a very beneficial experience. Dan's questions and activities are provocative and insightful. I am more aware of needing to trust in the fluidity of life and to have faith that wherever I am is good for me at that time. I can take whatever is presented to me and create something beneficial for myself and others. I can let myself more readily be shapeshifted and formed by my experiences, surrendering to the resilience that I know is available within me. I can flow into the learning and growth and transform even difficult times into opportunities for hope and compassion."

- Judith (age 81)

"It's very reflective. That's a good word for it. Putting things back and looking at the whole picture of it. I learn a lot about myself, especially about how resilient I am and how that affects my relationships."

- Margaret (age 69)

"It is really nice to sit down with yourself and go 'wow, I never thought of me like this. I've never thought of me like that before.' All these different ways, I love this sort of thing. You kind of reshape how you look at yourself, what you identify with. Identity is always a really big factor in my life because I feel kind of shapeless at times. I walk away feeling in sync with my inner self, my best self. I am always surprised by the wisdom, insight, and acceptance that comes out of me. Many of these thoughts have never come to me before. It strikes a deeper truth in myself."

- Michael (age 25)

"It is a fantastic experience. It expands my perception of the world around me and the people in my life."

- David (age 31)

"I come away from our time and the exercises refreshed, settled, and more optimistic."

- Melissa (age 67)

"The emotions I feel are mostly calm, peace, and acknowledgment. Mostly I feel like I am reconciling to look back over my life, the way things have gone and decisions I've made and ultimately feeling okay with those things. It is delightful. I am surprised at how easy it is to have a broader perspective on the issues that usually close in and overwhelm me."

- Pamela (age 64)

"I feel like Dan takes me deeper into the process to make all these things accessible."

- Helen (age 65)

"It's okay to just accept where you're at and move ahead. The idea of resilience and dealing with the sources of that resilience is very encouraging and empowering. Through this process, I feel as though I am slicing and dicing. It's a matter of bringing feelings into focus, into your conscious mind."

- Joyce (age 76)

"It's quite lovely, placid, relaxing, fulfilling, and interesting for further reflection and purpose. It just feels good to be going through the process and to feel, just feel satisfied, and to be with my thoughts and feelings. It just feels good."

- Gloria (age 58)

"It is extremely positive, just the whole experience. Every now and then I am thinking, 'I really like this. This is really good.' I find the whole experience to be quite pleasant."

- Amy (age 57)

"I find it to be a very positive learning experience and calming. There are always issues in life. There are always challenges and we have the ability to deal with them."

- Sean (age 66)

"It sort of leads to that sense of calm, kind of unity with myself in the bigger scope of things. Having the opportunity to just take a little bit of time and regroup. It is kind of the reassessment and acknowledgment of ourselves as well as the connections that we have."

- Megan (age 52)

"I feel like I am exploring myself. I am going within my mind and looking for who I am and so on. My story is very much a mirror of what this experience is. This experience is a mirror of who I am inside."

- Juan (age 72)