Upon completion of the cohort program and practicum, individuals have the opportunity to participate in further education to become a Certified Master Practitioner. This comes with the guidance of a current Master Practitioner. Participants must attend one of the cohort programs, utilize skills learned from the past cohort program and practicum, and teach a majority portion of each of the following curriculum sections:


Place Attachment (Sensations)

Fractal Dimension (Sensations)

Introspection (Perceptions)

Attention Restoration (Perceptions)

Impermanence (Perceptions)

Ecocentrism (Perceptions)

Motivation (Emotions)

Pleasure (Emotions)

Nature Connectedness (Emotions)

Stress Recovery (Emotions) 

Participants must also work with another individual, or client, of their choosing. Over the course of numerous sessions, participants work with this individual/client through the Water Calming™ modality in its entirety. Participants attend practicum group sessions with a Master Practitioner, live online via Zoom, for support and feedback through the process of working with the individual/client of choice. Once the practicum is complete, the participant will be distinguished as a Water Calming™ Certified Master Practitioner. This is the highest distinguished honor that substantiates the participant's ability to formally teach other individuals/clients in regard to the Water Calming™ modality. This further education program must be completed every four years or the participant's status will return to Certified Practitioner.


Master Practitioners earn 20% of registration fees ($200) from a new participant payment that stems from their referral. Master Practitioners can also generate income through cohort teaching and practicum guidance training opportunities. These may come from already established cohorts or through newly created cohorts, dates, and locations. Please contact us in regard to additional income opportunities. 

*Participants must have a master's degree, at minimum, in order to both participate in further education and be distinguished as a Water Calming™ Certified Master Practitioner.

For interest in participating in the practicum, contact 833-54-WATER or connect@watercalming.org prior to making any payments.

Participants can either pay in full through the "Prices and Payment" page or schedule a payment plan with the Master Practitioner via Venmo (@WaterCalming). Payment must be made prior to the cohort teaching program.

Further Education Total: $800