Journey Calm is committed to supporting individuals experiencing issues related to stress, grief, or anxiety through presence, compassion, and guidance. We offer individual sessions, of the following, in order to connect with those who are interested in this type of care:

Grief Counseling - Intended to assist those who have experienced any form of loss in their life. This may come through death, divorce, or the ending of a relationship. Events that can also provoke natural grief include losing a job, the status of good health, or a home. Grief counseling aims to help people cope with the physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and social responses to loss. Everyone experiences, and expresses, grief in their own unique way. This provides a healthy support through the process.


Personal Development - Intended to be helpful in areas such as communication, problem solving, career choice, learning styles, personal interests, and individual growth. One of the tools that is significantly utilized through this method is the MBTI. This is a personality inventory based on health and wellness rather than illness. It is used for the purpose of assessing normal personality variations. It allows for a broader understanding in the ways that we acquire information and come to conclusions. Additional assessments may also be employed for the benefit of the individual, including enneagram, attachment styles, and love languages. This collective approach creates the opportunity for greater personal insight, development, and growth.

Stress Management - Intended to help, and enable, people to better cope with stress through a variety of strategies and counseling techniques. Stress is a universal feeling that sits as the foundation for many other challenging emotions. It is a part of everyday life that all of humanity experiences. Stress reduction, and recovery, are the primary goals through this process. Some of the methods may be proactive while others may be preventative. This also provides a healthy support for the individual. 


Journey Calm was founded in May of 2020 with a vision to provide service, as a team and beyond private practice, to individuals and organizations seeking assistance through ordinary variations of life. This platform began to evolve into specializing work with both college-age and young professionals to provide stress management, career, and relationship guidance, along with work involving seniors and those experiencing grief through such losses as death, divorce, occupational, or health-related.   

Journey Calm provides in person service to those in the surrounding twin cities area, along with online Zoom, phone call, or texting sessions to those all across the world. We do not accept insurance given that our counseling and consulting process focuses on natural functions of stress, grief, and anxiety. Our practice is not based on diagnosis. We are happy to serve your individual needs and genuinely look forward to beginning, and cultivating, supportive conversations with you.